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The status analysis of agricultural machinery bearings
The demands of modern farming are keeping growing. Size, location, elevation, climate, soil structure and crop rotation make every farm unique. But every farm’s equipment endures many of the same challenging conditions. Such as: mud, dust, debris, extreme heat and cold, rain and runoff, corrosive chemicals and so on. Long periods of inactivity, then intense periods of work.

During the intense periods of work, agricultural machinery needs to work very productively and reliably – under extremely difficult conditions and often round the clock. So the agricultural machinery like combine harvesters will require robust and dependable bearing. Similarly, the bearing also needs sufficiently protection against adverse environmental conditions such as dirt, impacts, rocks, dryness, and moisture.

So in busy farming seasons, the bearings need to be well sealed so that they will not be polluted. Long hours of work require the bearing should have long service lifetime. The bearing housing also needs to be produced by good material to guarantee the continuous overload working.

JHB has 30 years' experience in agricultural bearing production. JHB agricultural bearing has the following advantages:
1/ Sealing: Specialized three lips nitrile seal material combined with steel ring offer superior protection against abrasive or corrosive contaminants. It provides excellent sealing performance to cope with the most demanding requirement.
2/ Steel: High cleanliness, through hardened bearing steel is heat treated and precision machined for increased accuracy and long life.
3/ Construction: The inner structure of the bearing is optimized and adjusted. The bearing seat adopts the spheroidal graphite cast iron. This kind of Mounted Bearings can still keep high speed and smooth operation under high load and high pollution.
4/ Grease: Premium polyurea thickened grease offers corrosion resistance and extended grease life.
5/ Maintenance: Low maintenance or maintenance free solution, ensure high utilization of the machine. It also greatly reduced the cost of use.

JHB can offer standard or customized agricultural bearings as well as develop unique solutions to meet customers’ special requirements. For the past decades, JHB has released many products which were specifically designed to meet the demands of the agriculture industry.



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